Creating mobile experiences for all your visitors


Learn how to create unique experiences for your visitors that fit their profile. Improves the visitor experience at the museum and provide them with complete, personalized information.


Easy to use and intuitive design

You can set the content app to the visitors profile, whetherthey are novices or experts into the museum collection

Create your own visit

Users can choose, the works the want to see, and we guide them through the museum

Complete Information

Including a picture of the work, text description, multi-language audio, and routings location

Share in Social Networks

User can share their visit experience in social networks (twitter, facefook, etc.)


Edit and publish all the content in a very simple way, make guided tours for your visitors, create new routes and prove its successs ..., Everything and more from a single online Content Management System, very easy to use.



Content always updated

Easy and immediate update of the exhibits in the museum

Absolutely customized for each museum

You can access to all works and museum exhibits

Easy and intuitive access to the works on display


Real-time statistics to improve the visitor experience

The CMS integrates a module of statistics, to see how they move, what language they use or how long users spend each content or space.

  • Most visited works ranking
  • Dwell time per hall
  • Guided tours ranking
  • Heat maps
  • New visitors vs repeaters
  • Visitors' flow
  • Occupancy level per areas
  • Etc.