Location Based Analytics

Enhance business performance with location based data and analytics. With our analytics services you will be able to capture, view and analyze the key information you need to make faster and more accurate business decisions.

Get more sales information, customer behavior, marketing campaigns, market trends or network activity; to guide your business decisions and strategy.


Big Data. Big Opportunities.

Thanks to the indoor location technology, we will get a lot of detailed  and accurate information about the customers, visitors or employees behavior:

  • Conversions

  • Employees control

  • Check-ins

  • Access management

  • Process management

  • Asset tracking

  • Alerts

  • Heat maps

  • Customers flows

  • Occupancy rates by areas

  • Number of visits

  • Returning visitors

  • Dwell time per area

  • Visitors profile

Know your customer


Assess your actions with visual dashboards showing how customers interact with the venue, and with your marketing campaigns. 

Also you can gauge the overall performance of your employees.