FRONTend developer 

Mobile 72 is searching for frontend developers who want to join our adventure and to create new and amazing features that change our mobile experience. 

What will you do?

▪ Collaborate with the UX team to iterate on the design and implementation of the product

▪ Build a front-end ecosystem efficient and reusable

▪ Find and report visual errors

▪ Apply advanced technologies to move from design to action

What do we offer?

▪ Fair wage

▪ Flexible Schedule and holidays

▪ Objective based evaluation (and salary bonus!)

▪ Responsibility and autonomy

▪ Training and learning first level

▪ A unique adventure in the world of entrepreneurship in the mobile engagement sector 

▪ A team committed

▪ Fast professional growth

What are we looking for?

▪ Previous demonstrable experience

▪ Crack in JavaScript and jQuery

▪ Familiarity with some MVC framework

▪ Crack in HTML and CSS

▪ Passion for making new things




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