real-time location context to your mobile appS

Mobile Engagement services for venues based on Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology to power indoor location and wayfinding, proximity-aware push notifications, and other location-based features.




BluDot: Indoor location awareness.

Put the 'blue dot' on the map and show visitors where they are in your space. Provide context-aware navigation, or integrate BluDot with Campaigns to send timely info on nearby points of interest.

  • Proximity-based notifications

  • Enables GPS-like directions







Navigation: Indoor turn-by-turn directions.

Provide your visitors with turn-by-turn directions to and from points of interest in your facility with the most accurate positioning so you can deliver a rich, relevant mobile engagement experience








Campaigns: Provide context-aware information.

Using Proximity Beacons in your space, deliver push notifications to approaching visitors Tie these Beacons to pertinent actions, or wake up your app with push notifications to approaching visitors.Engage each customer at the right time and place, and get them an unique experience in your business.

  • Location-based actions

  • Context-aware notifications

  • Unique Campaigns for areas in your space